FriendFeed Followers – Lurking or Particpating?

I recently posted about how much I love FriendFeed and Louis Gray returned a comment wondering, of my 100 followers (now up to 118), “how many actually like or comment on your items in a 24 hour period, and how many are lurking or inactive.”

So, I set out to figure out exactly how many of my followers got involved with my threads in a 24 hour period.

Before we dive in, I would like to make a few notes:

The 24 Hour time line

2:01am – Flickr favorites with only one picture. Typically my Flickr favorite feed contains 5 – 10 favorites, but this particular favorite session only had one. There were no responses.

11:30am – Blog post at BubbleWrap Photography. There were no responses.

11:41am – Published pictures to Flickr. 12 poeple Liked; 6 people Commented. 5 peole that Liked also commented; 9 of the Likes are subscribed to me; 5 of the commentors are subscribed to me.

12:46pm – Asked a FriendFeed Poll. 4 people Liked; 48 people Commented. All 4 people that Liked also Commented and were also subscribers; 19 of the commentors are subscribed to me.

1:00pm – Blog post at Justin Korn’s Blog. There were no responses.

2:00pm – Blog post at Urbantography. There were no responses.

3:11pm – FriendFeed update. 1 person Liked; 2 people Commented. All 3 unique Likers and commentors are subscribed to me.

4:00pm – FriendFeed Share. 3 people Liked; 2 poeple commented. All 5 unique Likers and commentors are subscribed to me.

6:00pm – FriendFeed Confession. There were no responses.

6:30pm – Twitter update. There were no responses.

The Numbers

Involvement (likes and comments):

Despite the fact that I did not post the most interesting stuff during this 24 hour period, 1/3 of my subscribers still got involved. Through friends of friends the number of people involved doubled.

Of the 59 people that got involved, 48 of them took part in the poll I started, “What is your favorite cereal of all time?”.

During this 24 hour period, I picked up approximately (I forgot to count exactly) 5 – 8 new subscribers.

What do you make of these numbers? Have you noticed the majority of your followers lurking? Let me know in the comments or on FriendFeed.

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