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Bent – BW$P

Meet Bent. I was heading back to the parking lot with a friend from the downtown area when I bumped into Bent asking for money to help him out.  I stopped and explained my BW&P Project to him and he quickly agreed.  As I took out my camera, he tried haggling for $2.  I kindly […]

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Where Did The Year Go? – 2009 In Review

It’s already that time of the year again…the end of it.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies by.  I remember when I was younger, someone once told me, “When you are young, your years seem to last longer and you can’t wait to grow up.  As you get older, your years fly by and you […]

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Get EXIF Stats on Your Flickr Photos

I just came across an interesting tool I wanted to share.  This online tool analyzes your Flickr photo’s EXIF data by providing your Flickr user name.  After a few minutes, it returns your overall Aperture usage, Focal Length usage, ISO usage, as well as a few other stats.  If you have a large Flickr stream, […]

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Custom 404 Page on Windows Shared Hosting

I recently had to setup a new WordPress blog for work and when it came time to setting up the 404 page, I had the hardest time finding answers for what I was trying to do. So, I thought I would post my solution so it’s out there and ideally save someone hours of wasted […]

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An Attempt At Stock Photography

A few months back, I become a beta tester for a new stock photography agency, with a twist, FocalPop.  FocalPop aims to provide a custom online photography marketplace. We help photo seekers get the exact shot that they want without having to dig through thousands of images or spend a large amount of time and money […]

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Facebook Privacy – Use List, Save Yourself A Headache

All the talk the past few days has been about Facebook’s privacy update.  Well, I have news for all 500 million Facebook users, if you haven’t been using Friend Lists to control privacy before, you better start now! In Facebook, even before the new privacy policy took place, all users were able to create list […]

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Machu Picchu – Plate I

Description:  I FINALLY made it to my Machu Picchu pictures!  It took me two years, but hey, I did it! In order to make it up to this magnificent view by sunrise, I woke up at 4am, along with two fellow travelers.  We were out the door at 4:30am and RAN up the steep steps […]

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The Solo Journey

Description:  Sometimes, the journey is best taken alone. Location: Lares Trek, Peruvian Andean Mountains, Peru Date Taken: July 23, 2007 Camera: Canon 20D Exposure: 1/100 second Aperture: f/16 Focal Length: 28 mm ISO: 100

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Little Darling

Description:  This photograph was captured while on the Lares Trek during my trip to Peru in 2007.  The Lares Trek is an alternative to doing the Inca Trail, though, this trek does not lead to Machu Picchu.  The Lares Trek is an amazing 3 day hike through the beautiful Peruvian Andean mountains.  I came across […]

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

The year is almost up and I’ve started to go through all of my pictures to create my “Best of 2009” set on Flickr.  At the beginning of this year, I posted what I thought were my best photos from 2008.  It really gave me a sense of what I had captured throughout the year. […]

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Windows of Ponte Vecchio

Description:  Can you tell I’ve been going through pictures from my trip to Italy?  I realized the other day that I still had several unprocessed photographs from my trip to Spain and Italy last year and even some from a trip to Bolivia and Peru 2 years ago!  So, I’ve tried to buckle down recently […]

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Spiraling Down

Description:  If you look closely, you might notice that this spiral staircase is actually a double helix consisting of two intertwined spirals; one for those entering the museum and one for those exiting.  Interestingly, this staircase was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, approximately 20 years before the DNA double helix shape was determined the representation of […]

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