Windows of Ponte Vecchio

Description:  Can you tell I’ve been going through pictures from my trip to Italy?  I realized the other day that I still had several unprocessed photographs from my trip to Spain and Italy last year and even some from a trip to Bolivia and Peru 2 years ago!  So, I’ve tried to buckle down recently […]

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Final Day in Italy

December 28 – Final Day in Florence Up at 8:30 this morning, I finished packing, had breakfast, checked out and headed over to the Uffizi museum for my 10am entry time. Upon arrival, the line was even worst today then it was previously. I stood where I was suppose to (the only person there when […]

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Another Day in Florence

December 27 – Florence Day Two Up at 9am again, I headed out the door with the intention to visit the Uffizi Gallery today. I had heard lines could get extremely long, but after walking right into the Galleria dell’ Accademia I assumed it wasn’t going to be as bad as I’d heard. Well, I […]

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Around Florence

December 26 – A Lazy Day in Florence With a wake up call at 9:00am, I headed down to the lobby for breakfast at 9:45. When I got there, the owner of the place, which was the same guy that checked me in (he seems to always be here), had one table still set but […]

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Merry Christmas from Firenze

December 25 – Roma to Firenze Well, it’s Christmas and it was another travel day for me. Knowing most things were going to be closed, today was intentionally setup as a travel day. I decided there was no point in waking up particularly early, so I slept in until 10:30am and asked for a late […]

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