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4:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 4/52 Neighborhood: North Beach Image Title: Robot Lovers III I realize I just posted a picture of similar robots, but I made another visit to Z. Cioccolato and thought it would work well for this project.  After all, how can you not look at this picture and not say, “Ahhhh…” right? You can follow […]

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Upcoming Photowalks from Berkeley to Los Angeles

(Announcement first seen posted by Thomas Hawk and Jeremy Brooks) Come one, come all… Starting February 2, Natalie Dybisz is hosting photowalks throughout California all sponsored by Microsoft, Samy’s Camera and Eye-Fi (see the schedule below). Join myself, Natalie Dybisz, Thomas Hawk, Jeremy Brooks and who ever else shows up on Monday, February 2 at […]

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The Baranov Kids

Date: 9/13/2008 Location: Sunnyvale, California I met with with the Baranov’s for the day starting at their house and eventually moving on to a nearby park.  Shane, the youngest of the two boys, warmed up to the camera immediately and loved having his picture taken.  Brendon on the other hand, started off scared of the […]

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Welcome DISQUS to Korn on the Blog

I have FINALLY integrated DISQUS into this blog.  It took me awhile, I’ll admit that, but for good reasons. I first turned my head and started paying attention last year when DISQUS introduced version 2.0 which integrated syncing comments with the local WordPress database.  Then, most recently, DISQUS announced syncing of comments with FriendFeed and […]

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3:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 3/52 – Neighborhood: North Beach – Title: Alone on the Park Bench Okay, I got a bit behind.  I had a slight cold last week which kept me from doing anything other than eat, work and sleep.  But, I had a chance to wander around North Beach a bit today, so here is my […]

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Errors with FeebBurner’s MyBrand

If you have your own custom URL for your feeds, called MyBrand in FeedBurner, you may come across the same error I did when transferring your FeedBurner account over to Google.  If you haven’t done it yet, you are going to officially need to transfer your FeebBurner feeds over to Google by February 28th. I […]

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Photographer in Action II

Description: I took this picture mid last year, but stumbled upon it in my Flickr stream today and thought I would share it. This photograph was taken while waiting in line at the Legion of Honor to see the Annie Leibovitz – A Photographer’s Life exhibit.  I can not remember exactly what the photographer in […]

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Golden Boy Pizza

Description: Over the past several months, I have grown an interest in neon signs.  I think a big contributing factor is due to hanging out and taking photos with Thomas Hawk and Jeremy Brooks, both of which are huge neon sign fans.  These signs are extremely fun to take pictures of and there are some […]

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25 Things About Justin Korn That Not Even Justin Korn Knows

There have been a flurry of “25 Things you may or may not know about me” post and threads circulating lately on FriendFeed.  I am not sure where it all started, but the first one I read was by Mona.  Though I was hesitant to join in by publishing this list for the world to […]

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Won’t Let You Down

Description: I’m not sure what it is about these buildings together, but every time I walk by this corner, I want to take a picture. Every time, without fail. Matter of fact, the first picture I shared on this blog was Tall & Proud and I have a feeling, this might not be the last. […]

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93 Photographers From Around The World Share Their Best From 2008

A few days ago, Jim Goldstein shared with the world what other photographers around the world were sharing with him…their top photos of 2008.  Jim’s project was to gather links of his reader’s “Best of 2008” photos and an outstanding 93 of them responded (including yours truly).  The most impressive aspect of the project I […]

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2:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 2/52 – Neighborhood: North Beach – Title: Caffe Triste I did not get much time out with the camera this week. To be accurate, I only got out one evening and even then, I was only out for about an hour, so I tried to make the most of it. You can follow everyone’s […]

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