25 Things About Justin Korn That Not Even Justin Korn Knows

On the Other Side by Justin KornThere have been a flurry of “25 Things you may or may not know about me” post and threads circulating lately on FriendFeed.  I am not sure where it all started, but the first one I read was by Mona.  Though I was hesitant to join in by publishing this list for the world to see, I thought it would be a good exercise to see what I came up with.

I spent a good amount of time on this list and must say, it was not as easy to do as I thought it would be.  I’ve shared a few things below that I have not shared with a good majority of the people I interact with on a daily basis.  With that said, I haven’t shared anything I am ashamed of or embarrassed by, but rather things I typically keep to myself for no reason other then because I can.  If you don’t feel comfortable with publishing such a list, I at least encourage everyone to do this for themselves.  You might be surprised at the things you come up with.

So, here it is, 25 Things about Justin Korn that not even Justin Korn knows about himself:

  1. I am a very private person and will answer yes/no questions with a simple yes/no without details.   However, I will answer your questions with as much detail as you ask for…for the most part 🙂
  2. After using the restroom (number 1 or 2), I will put down the toilet cover.  I expect everyone to do the same when using my restroom.
  3. The first song I ever learned all the lyrics to was Pretty Woman.
  4. I moved to California from Pennsylvania when I was barely a month old.
  5. I thrive on knowing that people approve of my thoughts, ideas and creations, but do not take compliments very well.
  6. I take compliments in writing much better then I do in person.
  7. On the last day of 8th grade, I was punched in the face for no reason by a black kid at school.  My friends and I stood around in awe as the other kid walked away with his friends giving him hi-fives.  To this day, I still have no idea who he was or why he did it.
  8. When people ask me where my accent is from, I have them guess.  I have received all of the following responses (that I can remember): New York, Boston, East Coast, England, Australia, Canada and Texas
  9. I do not have an accent.
  10. I went to 3 different elementary schools, all in San Diego:  Gage Elementary (Kindergarten – 3rd grade), Benchley Weinberg (3rd – half of 4th grade), San Diego Jewish Academy (half of 4th – 6th grade)
  11. My vocabulary is absolutely pathetic.
  12. I am a horrible speller and rely heavily on spell checkers.  If I need to write something, I will try to find a computer to type it on first.
  13. I hate talking on the phone.
  14. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the first tape cassette I bought for myself, but the first CD I bought was Ride the Lightning by Metallica and I still own it.
  15. I have known one of my best friends since I was less then a year old.
  16. 97% of what I know in order to do my current job was self taught.
  17. When I’m focused on a project, it is really hard to get my attention and/or pull me away from that project until it is done.
  18. I can not stand mundane, repetitive task.  If it is technology related, I’ll write a script (or find other ways) to do the task for me.
  19. I have a hard time expressing my ideas and thoughts in full details on the fly.  I need time to digest and analyze my thoughts before I present them.  In other words, I am not very good at arguing and will never be a lawyer.
  20. I have a pretty significant hearing lose in both ears.  I can hear low tones as normal, but can not hear high tones.  Example:  When the microwave is done, I can’t hear it beeping. Typically, I can not hear birds or crickets chirping.  Talking in a noisy environment drives me crazy.  This “issue” is the cause of #8, #9 and #13.
  21. I have played soccer since I was 5 years old.  The only time I hated playing soccer was during High School, yet I still played.
  22. A close friend of mine, Marla Bennett, was killed by a terrorist bombing at the Hebrew University in Israel on July 31, 2002.  This was the saddest and hardest day of my entire life to date.
  23. I have played the guitar since I was 14 years old and have written several songs.  Of those songs, there are only a handful I have and would share with anyone outside my close circle of friends.
  24. I get along better with kids then I do with adults.
  25. When/if I have kids, I would be a stay home Dad if the situation permits it.

Till next time…

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