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I Know You

Description: How many different ways can the Golden Gate Bridge, one of, if not the most photographed structures in the world, be captured?  I don’t think that number can be determined.  I’ve tried my share and I doubt I am even close to done. Friends of mine are not big fans of my converting my […]

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The Legacy of Watergate

Description: This photograph is actually hanging on one of my walls in my apartment.  I made this image a few years ago while walking around Chinatown.  I remember thinking to myself when I saw this person standing over this poster that the poster must have some meaning behind it (though I didn’t know much about […]

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Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk is back again this year and scheduled for July 18, 2009!  I attended this walk last year and had a great time. At this time, it looks like there are two San Fransisco walks setup.  One is already full and the other just opened up for registration.  If you don’t live […]

Life is Simple

Description: I’ve had some time recently to go through some older pictures that were processed pre-LightRoom.  This particular image was taken in Hawaii (where else).  I was on a mission to capture the typical Hawaiian sunset and felt this one came pretty close.  This photograph is one of a few taken during this trip, including […]

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Instant Updates On Any Topic From Around The Web

FriendFeed has become more and more integrated into my life lately.  Not because they launched real-time, updated their UI, or even because they improved their search capabilities (though this is part of it).  It’s because FriendFeed has given me the ability to track any topic I want, on anything, from anywhere and be notified about […]

Stuck in the Middle

Description:  During my last processing session, I revisited my walk over the Brooklyn Bridge from my recent trip to New York.  This one is one of my favorites of the bunch.  When I saw this image screaming at me, I could not believe I had never seen a photograph of it before.  I’m not sure […]

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Amongst the Jellies

Description:  Last weekend I had the opportunity to make a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I’ve been to the aquarium a few times in my past and my favorite exhibit has always been the Jellyfish.  Between the mystical and interesting form of these creates and the the colors and contrast presented by the jellyfish […]

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