Dawn of Another Day

Description:  Captured at sunrise over Haleakala in Maui, this photograph is a bit different than my usual style.  For this image, I put my camera on manual focus, and purposefully set everything out of focus.  My intention was to make the image feel as if the viewer were just waking up and opening their eyes on […]

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Bamboo Rising

Description:  I finally got around to processing my pictures from a recent trip to Maui.  This particular photo was captured within a bamboo forest on a 2 mile hike through the 7 sacred pools off the road to Hana.  After hiking through this amazing, peaceful bamboo forest, we arrived at the final sacred pool.  As […]

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Off to Maui

As I fall further behind on some post-processing, I will be embarking on a 6 day trip to Maui (staying in Kaanapali) starting tomorrow.  No doubt, I’ll come back with more pictures to add to my pile, but I’m really looking forward to getting away for a few days.  During this time, though I will […]

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Life is Simple

Description: I’ve had some time recently to go through some older pictures that were processed pre-LightRoom.  This particular image was taken in Hawaii (where else).  I was on a mission to capture the typical Hawaiian sunset and felt this one came pretty close.  This photograph is one of a few taken during this trip, including […]

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Into the Sunset [Photo]

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