Fuck Yeah!

Description: It was a crazy past few days in San Francisco.  The Giants won the World Series and the entire city celebrated yesterday with a parade that marched through the city.  Hopefully it won’t be a once in a life time opportunity, but you never know… You can view the rest of the images from […]

World Cup 2010 Bracket for my Social Web

With the World Cup 2010 opening ceremonies kicking off and the first game starting in approximately 12 hours, I thought it would be fun to put together a bracket for anyone within my online social network to join.  There really is no reason behind it, no winnings, no glamor, other than to see who can predict the great […]

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Prints for Sale – Stage I

I am extremely excited to announce my first attempt at providing some of my fine art images for sale.  I have integrated FotoMoto into the blog portion of the site (Korn on the Blog) so that with only a few clicks, anyone can be a proud owner of one or more of my photographs.  I […]

Go RED, It’s World AIDS Day

In honor of World AIDS Day, my logo has gone RED, links have gone RED, and I’ve even updated by Twitter and FriendFeed backgrounds to include my RED logo.  Please join in, tweet, blog, donate, whatever it is you do to support the cause. Till next time…

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Off to Maui

As I fall further behind on some post-processing, I will be embarking on a 6 day trip to Maui (staying in Kaanapali) starting tomorrow.  No doubt, I’ll come back with more pictures to add to my pile, but I’m really looking forward to getting away for a few days.  During this time, though I will […]

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Prints for Sale (Coming Soon)

I’ve been a bit busy lately planning and figuring out how I am going to offer prints to those that are interested in buying them.  I am enjoying the pictures on my walls, so why shouldn’t I allow my fans to enjoy them as well, right? After reading and rereading Brian Auer’s Series on Making […]

My Birthday At The Happiest Place On Earth

If you follow me on FriendFeed, Twitter or are a friend of mine on Facebook, you are probably already aware that I made a trip down to Anaheim, California this past weekend to visit the “happiest place on earth” — Disneyland.  I specifically made the trip down there to take advantage of their current birthday […]

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Happy Father’s Day

Over the past few years, I have been wanting to make a trip down to San Diego (where my parents and grandparents live) and surprise my dad and grandpa with a visit and tickets to a Padres game. Well, I finally made that happen this year, though, it didn’t end up being a surprise due […]

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Moo.com – They Love To Print

Back in October, during a photo walk in Sacramento, Thomas Hawk handed out new business cards to his fellow friends and photogs and I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, these look and feel awesome!”  I asked Thomas where he ordered them from and his answer was Moo.com.  He was totally jazzed about them, mostly because […]

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Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk is back again this year and scheduled for July 18, 2009!  I attended this walk last year and had a great time. At this time, it looks like there are two San Fransisco walks setup.  One is already full and the other just opened up for registration.  If you don’t live […]

Zack Arias: Transform – An Amazingly Motivating Video

This video has been popping up all over on some of the other blogs I follow for good reasons. I first saw it from it’s original source on Scott Kelby’s blog earlier today while I was catching up on my reading and, like everyone else is saying, this is a must watch. I don’t believe […]

25 Things About Justin Korn That Not Even Justin Korn Knows

There have been a flurry of “25 Things you may or may not know about me” post and threads circulating lately on FriendFeed.  I am not sure where it all started, but the first one I read was by Mona.  Though I was hesitant to join in by publishing this list for the world to […]

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