Welcome to Barcelona

December 18 – Barcelona We decided to be lazy for once and slept in until 10:00, looked at the guide books a bit and then hit the Internet cafe, which was actually more like a Kinko’s with a few computers for Internet access. I had quite an ordeal getting access. Jeff went before I left […]

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The Mighty Alhambra

December 17 – Alhambra and off to Barcelona Today we had reservations to visit Alhambra. We woke up around 8:30am and headed out the door around 9:15, caught a taxi and was on our way. We spent a good 4+ hours visiting the different structures and parts of Alhambra. We had a reserved time to […]

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Welcome to Granada

December 16 – Granada We ended up sleeping in a bit later then we expected and didn’t get out of our room until after 11:30am. The drive the day before wiped us out and the hotel room was extremely comfortable and quite. Once we made it out the door, the city of Granada was ours […]

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Seville, Gibraltar, Granada, Oh My!

December 15 – Haven’t You Always Wanted A Monkey? Today we departed Seville, but without first grabbing a chocolate croissant for breakfast. Before leaving, I checked on our car rental paper work and noticed we were suppose to pick up the car at the airport (as opposed to the train station which I thought was […]

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Seville in One Day

December 14 – Seville Jeff and I got up around 10am, planned our day roughly along with two of the other occupants in our room, 2 German ladies. I was a bit hungry, so we left and grabbed a chocolate croissant from a place right outside our hostel. As we left, the 2 German ladies […]

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Madrid to Seville

December 13 – More Madrid and off to Seville We slept in a bit till 10am, started packing a bit and then grabbed breakfast from Vips on recommendation from the front desk. Vips is actually half convenience store, half restaurant. The breakfast was still good and just what I was looking for to start my […]

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Welcome to Madrid

December 12 – Welcome to Madrid We got up around 9am this morning and had breakfast at the hotel. When I asked the lady at the front desk where to get breakfast, she said, “Here, we have breakfast included.” I took that to mean it was included in the price of the room and complimentary…that […]

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San Francisco to Madrid in 25 Hours

December 10 – Nothing but Delays What a way to begin a trip. Jeff and I had it all planned out: We’d catch the 12:03pm bus to Glen Park BART, catch the 12:35pm BART to SFO and be at the airport at 1:00pm, 2.5 hrs before our flight. Well, as we were walking out the […]

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Europe Here I Come

In a just about 21 hours, I will be getting on a plane and heading to Europe for my first time.  My exact plans have yet to fully take form, but my accommodations and travel arrangements have all come together very nicely. Keeping Up… While I’m away on my travels, I will be attempting to […]

Only 45 Years Ago

Photo by: Jonathon Colman I’ll be honest, I hate politics and rarely do I talk about anything remotely close to politics.  However, the events that transpired over the past 24 hours can not be overlooked… Last night, the United States of America did not just elect a new President, we entered a new era.  We […]

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Portrait Contest (Join in and give me a vote)

I am a little late to the game on this one, but Digital Photography School is putting on a contest this month encouraging DPS members to submit their best portrait image.  Entries are being accepted until October 31 through PhoTrade and I encourage you to join in the fun and competition.  There are several prizes […]

James Nachtwey’s Wish: XDR-TB Awareness

Sorry for the delay on this post, but I thought it was still important to write about and spread the word.  With the financial crisis and the election going on, I feel like this story will be buried and ignored too easily. If you missed my previous post, I let you know about Jim Nachtwey’s […]