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The Dance

Description:  At the end of last year, almost one year ago, I took a trip to Europe.  While I was in Spain, I made sure I attended a Flamenco show. This image was created at Jardines de Zoraya in Granada, Spain.  Though not a very big show (only one dancer, one guitarist, and a singer), […]

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Server Migration

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I managed to finally migrate my WordPress installation off of my home server.  I’m now officially hosting with an external service.  If time permits, I may make further changes to the site, but for now, everything will continue to remain the same. For those interested, I decided to move off my […]

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Bamboo Rising

Description:  I finally got around to processing my pictures from a recent trip to Maui.  This particular photo was captured within a bamboo forest on a 2 mile hike through the 7 sacred pools off the road to Hana.  After hiking through this amazing, peaceful bamboo forest, we arrived at the final sacred pool.  As […]

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