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Special Events Magazine – February 2009 – Page 15

At the beginning of the month, I informed you that I was published in the February Edition of Special Events Magazine. Well, if you were sitting on the edge of your seat all month like I was, waiting to see what it looked like, I finally got my hands on a few copies. Here it […]

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Dandy Day

Description:  This photograph was created the same day I created A Day With My Kite.  One of the most amazing things about the Golden Gate Bridge, is that no matter where it stands in a picture, it always makes an impression. Over the past year (a little less) I’ve become a huge fan of being […]

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Zack Arias: Transform – An Amazingly Motivating Video

This video has been popping up all over on some of the other blogs I follow for good reasons. I first saw it from it’s original source on Scott Kelby’s blog earlier today while I was catching up on my reading and, like everyone else is saying, this is a must watch. I don’t believe […]

7:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 7/52 Neighborhood: Financial District Image Title: The Lady in Red I’m a bit late with this weeks picture, but better late then never, right? As I wandered down Market street, I made a stop at this escalator that headed down to the Embarcadero BART station.  I spent quite a bit of time sitting there […]

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…The Yellow Brick Road

Description: There really isn’t much of a story behind this picture.  I’ve walked around the Embarcadero area in front of the Ferry Building quite a few times now, so I was looking for something new, something different to capture.  As I walked by this sign, I literally walked right by it and then decided to […]

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Would You Grant Me a Worldwide License to Use Your Photos for Free?

If you haven’t heard already (which is hard to believe), let me fill you in.  Facebook changed their Terms of Service Agreement a few weeks ago causing quite a few people to react in the community.  It seems the part of the new TOS that people have gotten worked up about is the following: The […]

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A Day With My Kite

Description: Last weekend, my parents were in town and we spent one afternoon walking along Crissy Field, me with my camera, my Dad with his.  As we crossed the grassy field from Sport Basement, a solo kite flier stood in the middle of the field with his kite perfectly silhouetted on the cloud.  As I […]

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Google Calendar and Contacts Finally Sync with your iPhone…Over The Air

Back in August 2008, I explained how I managed to sync my iPhone with my Google calendar using a third party program, Calgoo. Well, over-the-air native sync is finally here! Last week sometime, I noticed, in the upper right corner of my Google Calendar, a new item stating “Sync with iPhone!” (This link is still […]

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6:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 6/52 Neighborhood: Financial District Image Title: Sign of Our Times Again, I’m struggling to get out and take pictures due to long hours at work.  I’m thinking about changing the project up a bit where I won’t restrict myself to the same neighborhood 4 weeks straight, however, at this point, I’m sticking with the […]

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Seth – BW$P

Meet Seth. On my way home, Seth was sitting on the sidewalk asking for change from anyone who walked by.  Still 2-3 paces away from Seth, he half heartedly asked, “Spare any change?”  I slowed down and offered him $1 for his portrait.  Without changing his facial expression, he quickly agreed. After taking Seth’s picture […]

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Published in Special Events Mag

Back in November, one of my best friend’s wife was working with Branduin Creative to put on an event for Adobe.  She asked if I wanted to attend as the secondary photographer to get some extra experience shooting large events.  To give you an idea of how large it really was, the event took over […]

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5:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 5/52 Neighborhood: Financial District Image Title: The Twilight Zone I was planning on writing up a seperate post about the photowalk I went on at the beginning of the week, but my extra time these days has been extremely limited.  The photowalk was a great time and I met a few new San Francisco […]

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