Dirty Little Bitch

Description:  Taken during a lunch photowalk with Thomas Hawk awhile back.  Not much to add to this one. Location: San Francisco, California Date Taken: September 4, 2008 Camera: Canon 20D Exposure: 1/30 second Aperture: f/6.3 Focal Length: 55 mm ISO: 100

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The Legacy of Watergate

Description: This photograph is actually hanging on one of my walls in my apartment.  I made this image a few years ago while walking around Chinatown.  I remember thinking to myself when I saw this person standing over this poster that the poster must have some meaning behind it (though I didn’t know much about […]

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…The Yellow Brick Road

Description: There really isn’t much of a story behind this picture.  I’ve walked around the Embarcadero area in front of the Ferry Building quite a few times now, so I was looking for something new, something different to capture.  As I walked by this sign, I literally walked right by it and then decided to […]

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6:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 6/52 Neighborhood: Financial District Image Title: Sign of Our Times Again, I’m struggling to get out and take pictures due to long hours at work.  I’m thinking about changing the project up a bit where I won’t restrict myself to the same neighborhood 4 weeks straight, however, at this point, I’m sticking with the […]

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Golden Boy Pizza

Description: Over the past several months, I have grown an interest in neon signs.  I think a big contributing factor is due to hanging out and taking photos with Thomas Hawk and Jeremy Brooks, both of which are huge neon sign fans.  These signs are extremely fun to take pictures of and there are some […]

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A Fragment of Your Imagination

Description: While walking down Broadway, on my way from Embarcadero to Columbus St, this Banana Republic advertisement, back dropped by the Transamerica Building, caught my attention.  Luckily I still had some twilight color left in the sky to provide the deep contrast between the white advertisement and the background.  Like most photographers, shooting during the […]

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Revenge of the IMAX

Description:  As a photographer, rain can be your worst enemy or your best friend.  Rain provides the opportunity for a dull picture to come alive and the reflections to add new drama to any scene. Location: Downtown, Sacramento Date Taken: October 3, 2008 Camera: Canon 20D Exposure: 1/10 second Aperture: f/6.3 Focal Length: 17mm ISO: […]

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The Best of You

Description: Photowalking.org organized a downtown Sacramento neon photo walk last month that I had the opportunity to attend.  I met up with Thomas Hawk, Trevor Carpenter, and about 40 others (sorry, I’m very bad with names).  We walked all over downtown Sacramento, capturing as much neon as we could possibly handle.  I had a great time […]

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Ped Xing Exit [Photo]

Description: My favorite images are the ones I take and think to myself, this looks interesting in theory, but I don’t think I’ll end up processing or publishing it.  Then I get home and look through them and I get a nice surprise.  This was one of those shots.  The yellow of the exit sign […]

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