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Pete – BW$P

Meet Pete. As I walked home from the Papyrus Store, I came across Pete sitting in a wheelchair asking very quietly for change.  He asked so quietly, I wasn’t even sure he was asking for change and had to ask him what he said.  He repeated, “Got any change?”  I told him about my project […]

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Nickey – BW$P

Meet Nickey. As I was walking back to my office from running a few errands, I met Nickey sitting outside of Walgreens asking for change. As soon as I approached him, even before I said a word, he was saying, “Thank you.” Nickey was extremely enthusiastic and full of spirit as a talked with him. […]

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On Display at Papyrus

Disclaimer: I do not represent or have any affiliation with Papyrus. The below post is my own thoughts and ideas on the upcoming event.  If you represent Papyrus and have any issues/questions/comments about this post, feel free to get in touch. This weekend, Papyrus is putting on a bridal show at select locations around the […]

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Marlon Turns One

I had a busy weekend last weekend and this weekend isn’t letting up either. On top of checking out the Rockit Room this past weekend, I made my way down to Ben Lomand for a special 1st birthday.  Marlon is the only kid I know who has had a blog since the day he was […]

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User Registration Disabled

For awhile, I’ve had user registration enabled for this blog.  I don’t exactly remember my reasoning behind it, but I’ve decided to disable it going forward.  All of the registered accounts looked to have been fake/spam accounts, so I have deleted them all as well.  If you by chance had a legitimate account and want […]

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Get Your Chance to Win a Free Lens Rental

I’ve been planning to rent gear from one of the several online retailers in the coming months for a few gigs I have lined up.  During my research, has consistently come up with positive reviews and competitive prices.  Since I have not actually used their services yet, I can not give you a review […]

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Live Music at the RockIt Room

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to head over to the RockIt Room for some live music.  While there, I took a few pictures of BASECAMP, a new group in the Bay Area lead by Christopher Ward.  I had a great time and hope to be in touch with BASECAMP in the future as […]

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Photography Buddies

Description:  I don’t really have much to share about this photo.  I took this one while out on a sponsored photowalk last month.  I took several pictures of the pier that evening.  Eventually, as we headed back, Thomas Hawk (on the right) and a friend were walking and talking together and this picture fell into […]

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How Do You Geotag Your Photos?

Do you geotag your photos?  How accurate are you with your geotagging?  Do you think it is important to have accurate geotagging?  How often do you take your camera out for a photowalk only to find out later you have no idea where you took the picture? If you answered yes, somewhat, yes, all the […]

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Carol – BW$P

Meet Carol. I met Carol while in New York on my way to Katz’s Deli.  As I walked down E. Houston St. with my friends toward the deli, Carol was enthusiastically asking people for change.  When I approached her and explained my project, she happily agreed. I asked my typical, “How long have you been […]

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Meridith – BW$P

Meet Meridith (not 100% sure on his name). During my recent visit to New York, I met Meridith as I exited the Astor Place subway station on my way to Washington Square Park.  After Meridith asked me for change, I explained to him about my project.  He quickly commented, “Well, won’t you just have pictures […]

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8:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 8/52 Neighborhood: Financial District Image Title: Down the Street Once again, I’m a bit late with this post.  Last week I met up with Julie (also known as tangobaby on Flickr) for a lunch photowalk.  She lead the way through the streets to see the remaining walrus statues and up to the top floor […]

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