Nickey – BW$P

Nickey by Justin Korn

Meet Nickey.

As I was walking back to my office from running a few errands, I met Nickey sitting outside of Walgreens asking for change. As soon as I approached him, even before I said a word, he was saying, “Thank you.” Nickey was extremely enthusiastic and full of spirit as a talked with him. When I explained my project to him, he responded, “Sure thing. You want a certain pose? You like Spiderman? What do you want?” As I prepared my camera, I told him he could pose however he wanted. Before I had my camera up and ready, Nickey was standing up and posing every which way you could imagine. I composed myself and took a few pictures before I said, “Alright, enough poses, just be yourself.” He put his hat back on and start rambling on about how he once dressed up like Spiderman for Halloween and tried climbing up a wall. He said, “I was a bit high, smoking marijuana you know, and I fell right back on my ass.”

Through his enthusiastic story, I was able to get a question or two in and found out he was original from Alabama and has lived in San Francisco half his life. From there, he went on about how men are men and women are women and we just need to let them all be and do what they want. I agreed, gave Nickey his dollar and thanked him for his time. He thanked me, sat back down quietly and went back to asking passerby’s for change.

This image is part of my Black and White Dollar Portrait (BW$P) Project.

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