7 Days of Android…My Thoughts

My initial thoughts after 7 days of using Android on an HTC Incredible.

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CrashPlan: My Offsite Backup Plan

It’s been a long time coming, but, I’m finally 100% backed up offsite.  And, to top it off, I’m doing it for less than $5 per month! In the past, I have always had  a second copy of my data, however, it has always been on a server within my house.  This is just poor […]

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WordPress and Shared SSL

Over the weekend, I decided to move my website, once again, to BlueHost. DomainsMadeEasy just wasn’t cutting it. I constantly received “down” messages and when I called support, they dismissed me and refused to live up to their 99.9% SLA. Upon migrating over, I wanted to be sure to take advantage of the shared SSL […]

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Photographers All Over Google Buzz

Photo Credit: Naixn So, are you using Google Buzz yet?  Are you looking to get your fix of images and interact with some photographers rather than get the typical tech mumbo jumbo? After Thomas Hawk announced that he would start sharing his favorite photographers on Buzz, I wondered how many photographers were already on AND active […]

Connect Your Blog to Google Buzz

After doing a little investigation last night, I finally figured out how to get this blog automatically posting to Google Buzz.  For all those that might be struggling with the process, I thought I’d post a little how-to tip. The first and most important thing you need to do is have a link somewhere on […]

Manage Your Social Network Flow…NOW!

For those of you involved in the social web (aka social networks such as Facebook, FriendFeed and Twitter), I’m sure you are well aware of the new comer, Google Buzz.  I am not going to go into details about why I like or dislike Google Buzz, how much I’d like to see Google Buzz integrate […]

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Custom 404 Page on Windows Shared Hosting

I recently had to setup a new WordPress blog for work and when it came time to setting up the 404 page, I had the hardest time finding answers for what I was trying to do. So, I thought I would post my solution so it’s out there and ideally save someone hours of wasted […]

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Facebook Privacy – Use List, Save Yourself A Headache

All the talk the past few days has been about Facebook’s privacy update.  Well, I have news for all 500 million Facebook users, if you haven’t been using Friend Lists to control privacy before, you better start now! In Facebook, even before the new privacy policy took place, all users were able to create list […]

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Jumping Into The Social Web

Over the weekend, I was talking with my mother about social networking, it’s many benefits and many pitfalls.  She runs a small business providing in-home senior care and just recently started to venture out into the world of social networking.  As most people new to social networking, she is completely overwhelmed.  My mother took the […]

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Instant Updates On Any Topic From Around The Web

FriendFeed has become more and more integrated into my life lately.  Not because they launched real-time, updated their UI, or even because they improved their search capabilities (though this is part of it).  It’s because FriendFeed has given me the ability to track any topic I want, on anything, from anywhere and be notified about […]

Would You Grant Me a Worldwide License to Use Your Photos for Free?

If you haven’t heard already (which is hard to believe), let me fill you in.  Facebook changed their Terms of Service Agreement a few weeks ago causing quite a few people to react in the community.  It seems the part of the new TOS that people have gotten worked up about is the following: The […]

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Google Calendar and Contacts Finally Sync with your iPhone…Over The Air

Back in August 2008, I explained how I managed to sync my iPhone with my Google calendar using a third party program, Calgoo. Well, over-the-air native sync is finally here! Last week sometime, I noticed, in the upper right corner of my Google Calendar, a new item stating “Sync with iPhone!” (This link is still […]

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