$2 Portrait Project Gets Noticed

Earlier today, Carlos Cisneros of The Bay Area Native contacted me asking if he could use one of my Black and White Dollar Portraits (BW$P) in an article he was putting together.  I didn’t have much information on what the article was going to be about, but gladly agreed. Well, it looks like Melissa Brooks was […]

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Photography Buddies

Description:  I don’t really have much to share about this photo.  I took this one while out on a sponsored photowalk last month.  I took several pictures of the pier that evening.  Eventually, as we headed back, Thomas Hawk (on the right) and a friend were walking and talking together and this picture fell into […]

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Upcoming Photowalks from Berkeley to Los Angeles

(Announcement first seen posted by Thomas Hawk and Jeremy Brooks) Come one, come all… Starting February 2, Natalie Dybisz is hosting photowalks throughout California all sponsored by Microsoft, Samy’s Camera and Eye-Fi (see the schedule below). Join myself, Natalie Dybisz, Thomas Hawk, Jeremy Brooks and who ever else shows up on Monday, February 2 at […]

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Till Death Parts Us [Photo]

Description: I met up with Jeremy Brooks and Thomas Hawk for an evening shoot on Treasure Island.  The building was completely abandoned and boarded up.  There was plenty of evidence that people had been in and out of this building over the years, but while we were there, we did not run into anyone.  As […]

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Black and White Dollar Portraits (BW$P)

Thomas Hawk has been doing his $2 Portrait Project and when I first read about it, I thought it was a great idea.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to alter his project in my own unique way. I know $2 is not a lot of money, but while walking down Haight Street […]

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SFMOMA Responds to the August 8 Incident involving Thomas Hawk

On August 8, Thomas Hawk was forcibly removed from the SFMOMA. I just read SFMOMA’s response.  First, I must say I am very happy they finally released a response. However, I am a bit perplexed on their wording and complete dismissal of their “visitor” (Thomas Hawk).  They could have easily stood behind the actions of […]

A Photowalk with Thomas Hawk

Last Thursday, July 24, 2008, I found out, via FriendFeed (what else), that Robert Scoble and Thomas Hawk were venturing out on a last second photowalk in San Francisco the following day, Friday. Luckily, I was able to make the neceesary arrangments and met up with them at the Ferry Building.  We walked along Embarcadero […]

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The FriendFeed Community at Work

I am absolutely blown away right now by the FriendFeed community! I started this blog on July 11, 2 weeks ago today, because J. Phil from [scribkin] encouraged me to do so when I suggested my use of FriendFeed as an RSS Reader/Organizer on FriendFeed. Well, since I set up the blog, I had been […]

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