$2 Portrait Project Gets Noticed

Earlier today, Carlos Cisneros of The Bay Area Native contacted me asking if he could use one of my Black and White Dollar Portraits (BW$P) in an article he was putting together.  I didn’t have much information on what the article was going to be about, but gladly agreed. Well, it looks like Melissa Brooks was […]

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The Online Participation Factor

Last week I posted my results of a 24 hour experiment I did on FriendFeed. The point was to try and get an idea of those following me on FriendFeed, who was participating. When I posted the results (even while doing the test) I wasn’t sure what I would learn or gain from it. There […]

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Another “I love FriendFeed” Post

There have been plenty of post these days ranting and raving about FriendFeed. Well, I wanted to share my personal views on FriendFeed and why it is so awesome as a none “A-Lister.” Why is FriendFeed so amazing? First off, I am not going to compare FriendFeed with Twitter. There is no comparison. They are […]

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