Another “I love FriendFeed” Post

There have been plenty of post these days ranting and raving about FriendFeed. Well, I wanted to share my personal views on FriendFeed and why it is so awesome as a none “A-Lister.”

Why is FriendFeed so amazing?

First off, I am not going to compare FriendFeed with Twitter. There is no comparison. They are different and can/should be used for different types of communication with the community. Personally, I never got into Twitter, and that’s the last time I’m even going to mention it here.

FriendFeed is an experience I don’t get anywhere else. I should not even say “an” experience, because it is actually several different experiences in one golden place.

Exposure to Data

I found about George Carlin’s death on FriendFeed way before I heard it on the news. As news hits the wire (sometimes before), someone is sharing it, writing about it, or talking about it on FriendFeed. New information tends to travel 100x faster (that is a made up number) on FriendFeed and finds it’s way to my computer screen that much faster as well.

Exposure to People

On a daily basis, how many people do you interact with? Depending on your profession, it’s probably somewhere between 5 -20 on average. With FriendFeed I have nearly 100 people “following” me at the time of this writing. That means, every time I share, “like,” or comment on anything within FriendFeed, those 100 people will see that thread and have the option to interact.  I have no idea what the actual number is, but I am probably interacting (directly and indirectly) with anywhere from 1,000 – 5,000 people on a daily basis.

The more you participate, share interesting ideas and thoughts, the more likely people will follow you and interact with you directly.

Exposure to New Photography and Photographers

Thomas Hawk convinced me to join FriendFeed when he posted about FriendFeed providing not only what pictures a Flickr user is publishing, but also what pictures they are faving. With FriendFeed, I get a daily dose of new pictures from different photographers all over the world via Flickr and Zooomr. If a Flickr user is not on FriendFeed, I will add them to my Flickr Users imaginary friend feed.

This post could probably go on for another few paragraphs, but I will only be delving deeper into what others have already said. So, I will leave you with a few links if you are still interested in reading more about why FriendFeed is so awesome (if you have one to share, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments):

If you are not already on FriendFeed, I hope to see you on FriendFeed soon. You can find my feed here.

Till next time…

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