Friends At The Old Cemetery

Description: Wandering through the downtown historic district of Savannah, you are certain to come across Colonial Park Cemetery (also known as The Old Cemetery and The Brick Cemetery).  The resting place of over 700 people that perished during the Great Yellow Fever epidemic in 1820 as well as several famous Revolutionary War heroes. At the […]

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Till Death Parts Us [Photo]

Description: I met up with Jeremy Brooks and Thomas Hawk for an evening shoot on Treasure Island.  The building was completely abandoned and boarded up.  There was plenty of evidence that people had been in and out of this building over the years, but while we were there, we did not run into anyone.  As […]

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Almost Hit by a Car

Well, this wasn’t the way I expected to start this blog, but you go with what you got, right? Yesterday, I was waiting for the bus to get to work. While standing on the corner, I noticed a car slowing down after going through the intersection. I briefly thought the driver had no idea where […]

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