Almost Hit by a Car

Well, this wasn’t the way I expected to start this blog, but you go with what you got, right?

Car crashYesterday, I was waiting for the bus to get to work. While standing on the corner, I noticed a car slowing down after going through the intersection. I briefly thought the driver had no idea where it was going and was confused by the directions his wife in the passenger seat was giving him. Behind, a long line of cars was piling up and within a few seconds a few people started honking. At that point, the car all of the sudden took off, straight at me, up on to the sidewalk (as I jumped out of the way) and drove into the garage behind me. At first, I thought the driver got pissed off at the people behind him, hit the gas, drove up on the sidewalk and then lost control. I slowly walked up to the car to see if everyone in the car was okay. The man driving had his head in his hands and his wife was trying to see if he was okay saying, “I think he passed out.” I called 911 and within 5 minutes an ambulance, police car and firetruck were there.

I’ve uploaded a few other photos on flickr if you are interested.

After thoughts and lessons learned:

I’m not having any near death experiences or post shock stress, but this experience made me realize anything can happen at anytime.  Had I not being paying attention to my surrounds (playing on my cell phone, taking a picture in the other direction, really anything but watching that ca) I may not have been here today to tell the tale.

Till next time…

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