Once Upon a Starfish (Flickr Meme)

It works like this: if you use Flickr, go to the sixth page of your photostream and pick the sixth picture there, then post it to your blog. Description: I came across this meme on FriendFeed today, so I thought I’d participate.  The 6th image on my 6th page is not public, so I took […]

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Caricaturist [Photo]

Description: This image was captured at the first corporate event I was asked to shoot.  I was specifically hired to capture images to be used in future marketing materials.  This particular shot is of one of the caricaturist that were present that evening.  The full set from the evening can be viewed on Flickr. Location: […]

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SFMOMA Responds to the August 8 Incident involving Thomas Hawk

On August 8, Thomas Hawk was forcibly removed from the SFMOMA. I just read SFMOMA’s response.  First, I must say I am very happy they finally released a response. However, I am a bit perplexed on their wording and complete dismissal of their “visitor” (Thomas Hawk).  They could have easily stood behind the actions of […]