User Registration Disabled

For awhile, I’ve had user registration enabled for this blog.  I don’t exactly remember my reasoning behind it, but I’ve decided to disable it going forward.  All of the registered accounts looked to have been fake/spam accounts, so I have deleted them all as well.  If you by chance had a legitimate account and want […]

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A Promotion and WordPress Upgrade

Just a few quick changes I’d like you, my readers, to be aware of. First off, in my professional life, last week I was given an extremely shocking and quick promotion to Technology Manager.  My new responsibilities were placed on me immediately and my work load has been a bit overwhelming due to all the […]

Spin that Category Round and Round

After keeping up this blog for a few months now, I am finally getting a grasp around how to properly categorize and tag.  So, I reorganized Korn on the Blog’s categories.  I hope this change better suits the blog, my readers and myself.  For those curious types, I’ve listed out the previous structure and the […]

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Changes on the Way

Loyal readers and subscribers, I am currently working on redesigning my website, including this blog.  The intention behind the redesign is to integrate my photography services more fluidly.  I will also be providing separate RSS subscription options to make it easier to subscribe to the various main topics on my blog.  I’ve been working […]

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