Changes on the Way

Loyal readers and subscribers, I am currently working on redesigning my website, including this blog.  The intention behind the redesign is to integrate my photography services more fluidly.  I will also be providing separate RSS subscription options to make it easier to subscribe to the various main topics on my blog.  I’ve been working hard on making it all work together and I’ll be very curious to hear your opinions when I finally go live with it.

With this redesign, I will also be moving to a new hosting company.  In order to test everything before the official move, I will be making some changes on the backend such as DNS and sub-domain redirections.  I do not expect to run into any issues, but, it is better to be safe then sorry.  If the site goes down or the feed is unreachable, please know I have run into a glitch and will be back as soon as possible.  If after a few weeks the feed stays down, go to  Either it will redirect appropriately to the new site or I will provide information on what issues I have run into.

I am planning to make the first change this evening, cross your fingers for me!

Till next time…

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