I Know You

I Know You by Justin Korn

Description: How many different ways can the Golden Gate Bridge, one of, if not the most photographed structures in the world, be captured?  I don’t think that number can be determined.  I’ve tried my share and I doubt I am even close to done.

Friends of mine are not big fans of my converting my Golden Gate images to black and white, however, I argue with them ever time:  The true beauty of the subject does not come out in a color photograph, but rather in a black and white one.

Every time I look at this photograph, it grows higher and higher on my favorite list.  I see it having a place on my wall sometime soon.

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Location: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Date Taken: May 28, 2005
Camera: Canon 20D
Exposure: 1/80 second
Aperture: f/14
Focal Length: 73mm
ISO: 100

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