“If it’s longer than 12 seconds, it’s boring!” – 12seconds.tv Announces Public Alpha

Disclaimer: I am good friends with some of the people behind 12seconds.tv

It is official, “anything longer than 12 seconds is boring!” 12seconds.TV announces their public alpha (You can view the official announcement on their blog HERE).

“Our patent pending Electro-Tear-Duct Prongers have determined that exactly 12 seconds of video is the ideal amount of time to keep anything interesting.” – 12seconds.tv

How 12seconds.tv compares

Just like the other social media sites, you are able to follow and be followed by the community. Providing updates can easily be done on the website, your mobile phone, or via email. You can leave comments on your friends videos and subscribe to their channel feed.

How 12seconds.tv differs

12seconds.tv is specifically for quick to the point video messages lasting no longer than, you guessed it, 12 seconds. As soon as you log into 12seconds.tv, it determines if you have a web cam connected to your machine. Once your web cam is setup, you can simply start recording video updates directly from the site to post to your 12seconds.tv channel.

On the go, no problem! Take a video with your mobile device and email it to your special 12seconds.tv email account and the video will be posted to your feed automatically.

You can request an invite for 12seconds HERE or leave a comment of “share the 12seconds of love” and I’ll invite you through my account.

After you get an account, give 12seconds.tv a whirl and let me know what your opinion is. Do you think 12seconds has the potential to appeal to the masses?  (FriendFeed thread)

Till next time…

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