In the beginning…

Everyone involved with the interwebs needs to start a blog someday and today was my day (well, kind of – I’ve tried a few of the other blogging platforms and wasn’t thrilled).

I recently became addicted (yes, addicted) to FriendFeed (you can find me here). I recently chimed in on a thread with an idea that apparently others thought was a good idea. With not much convincing, Philip Glockner convinced me I should write a blog post about this idea. So, here I am, starting a blog.

This adventure will consist of me mostly sharing my thoughts, ideas, and passions within the Technology and Photography worlds. When not talking about those two subjects, you never know what I’ll be talking about. For more information about me, check out my about page.

I hope you join me for the ride, it’s going to be crazy!

Till next time…

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