All Quiet On The Western Front…

Justin MangaHello Internet land!  I want to apologize for my quietness lately and assure you I have not disappeared.  I have been thinking about you day and night and don’t want you to think I have neglected you.

As of late, I have pushed almost all of my energy toward other projects (including work) over the past week or so.  In the process, I am trying to learn to manage my time better so that I am able to start a business, continue to make great photographs, participate on FriendFeed, keep this blog updated and keep my employer happy with me all while keeping a balanced personal life as well.

Self Promotion Section

One of the major side projects I am working on is BubbleWrap Photography.  Ross Stovall and I are working really hard to get our new website in place and start our photography business off on the right foot.  So far we have had a few successful gigs (all posted on the BubbelWrap Blog).  After everything is in place, we will start the marking and promoting.   If you have any interest or need in our photography services, shoot me an email:  justin [at] bubblewrapphoto [dot] com.

BubbleWrap Photography didn’t workout.  I am now working solo as Justin Korn Photography.  If you are interested in my services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I appreciate your continued support!

Till next time…

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