Dave (aka David) – BW$P

Dave (aka David) by Justin Korn

I previously blogged about starting the Black and White Dollar Portraits (BW$P) project.  The idea is, anytime anyone ask me for money, I will offer them $1 in exchange for their portrait which I will process in black and white.

Meet Dave (aka David).  When I told Dave about the project, he was happy to pose.  After I took Dave’s picture, I gave him a $1 and we chatted for a minute.  I asked him what his name was and he said, “Dave, well, David, I’m one of God’s chosen people.”  I asked him if he was Jewish, and he responded, “Yes, sir, I’m Jewish and part Irish and part Native American.”  He went on telling me that he has been in San Francisco for 10 years and is a recovering alcoholic.  “These kids [on Haight] drink and they are all crazy.  They think another drink will cure their world…you know.”  He assured me he wasn’t drinking any more and that he’d be fine “as long as I believe in God.”  As we parted, he said, “God bless you.”

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