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If you are on FriendFeed, there is a good chance you read about today.

Daniel Smith wrote a post over at Smithereens about a new Social Agregation Networking service that promises to be “The Answer To Your Aggregation Frustration.” Within an hour (or so) of Mike Fruchter posting his thread to hype people about this new service, there were 30+ responses asking for invites (including yours truly).

However, the dream is not here just yet.  If you read the the post carefully (or even not so carefully) you’ll quickly notice this post is just out for some laughs.

Daniel Smith writes:

“This service is admittedly still far from market-ready, but if Cuil has taught us anything, it’s that being market-ready is extremely over-rated. And so, in true web 2.0 fashion, I’m excited to launch my startup prematurely so that you, the user can risk all your data help me iron out the wrinkles and improve the service prior to the “real” launch.”

I will admit, I read through the entire thing three times before I finally realized what was going on.   Yes, I even submitted my email to be a participant in the pre-alpha  This just goes to show that you need to read your stories closely to ensure you are actually getting what you ask for.

Thanks for the laugh and I hope you don’t harvest my email for spamming later.

Till next time…

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