What can I say? My blog was “Louis Grayed!”

Seriously, I don’t even know what to say/write.  I’m in shock!  I was never good at writing or expressing my thoughts in words (hence the addiction to photography), but, here I am getting “Louis Grayed.” Say what?  Franklin Pettit wrote a great explanation of what being “Louis Grayed” is all about.

I am honored and can’t express my thanks to Louis Gray enough.  Here are the other 4 mentions for August:

I followed Chris and Mona prior to today, but I am now following Kyle and David as well.

I can’t go without giving a shout out to J. Phil (who blogs over at [scribkin]) for encouraging me to start blogging in the first place and the FriendFeed community in general.  If you haven’t checked out and joined FriendFeed yet, you really should.  FriendFeed really makes it easy to participate in the community.  If you do join and are interested, you can find me on FriendFeed HERE.

Thanks for your support!

Till next time…

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