David – BW$P

David by Justin Korn

I recently started the Black and White Dollar Portrait (BW$P) Project. The gist is, I will offer anyone who asks me for money $1 in exchange for their portrait. Every portrait I take will be converted and processed in black and white. This project is a spin off of Thomas Hawk’s $2 Portrait Project.

Meet David.

On my way to work this morning, I decided to get off the bus early and stop off at Jamba Juice. On my way out the door, David was trying to sell the “Street Sheet.” I declined, but told him about my project. He asked, “You want my picture? For a dollar?” I said, “Sure thing.” He smiled and kindly obliged as long as I promised to send him a copy, “…a couple [copies] for my mom and my lady.” I agreed and he gave me a smile in response.

I took his picture and gave him the dollar I promised and asked if he had any family in the bay area. He told me his mother was in Oakland and that he had a few other relatives in the east bay. When I asked him how long he has been in San Francisco, he replied, “A few years.” I asked, “A few as in 5 or as in 20?” He just said, “A few.” I noticed he was wearing an Obama/Biden pin and asked him if he thought Obama had a chance. He responded, “Obama has a good chance and I really hope he wins…We don’t need it to be more fucked up, you know?” I agreed and thanked him for his picture.

He gave me his address and as I walked away he reminded me, “Send me a couple copies for my lady.” I agreed and he said, “Looking forward to it.”

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