Is Selling Content the Future of the Blogosphere?

Money Guy by Alex OlshanskyI just read a post Chris Brogan wrote titled “Selling Blog Content the Clean Way” in response to the way GigaOm Briefings is being run.  At the end of the article, Chris states,

How hard is it to make a post, and then make a LOT MORE for someone to buy and continue the experience?

I’m totally stealing this idea. You should consider it, too.

Is this the future of the blogoshere?  Will we have to pay to read the full experience?

I don’t know about you, but I read the blogs I do because they provide insights on the topics I am interested in or trying to learn more about; I read them because I respect what the author has to say and feel I learn something from them; I read them because I enjoy seeing what others are saying and how they view these topics differently then I do.

Would you be willing to pay for “premium” content from TechCrunch?  I know I wouldn’t.  At this time, I don’t think there is a single blog I read that I would be willing to pay for.  However, that might be because the blogosphere is saturated with similar content and/or because these blogs aren’t providing a service above and beyond the content being written.  Most of the blogs I read are other geeks/nerds/experts/etc. that have an opinion or unique view and enjoy sharing their thoughts whether it is on photography, social networks, new technology, etc.

Now, I might be missing the point of Chris’s post, but if the blogosphere is heading in this direction, I’m worried and you should be too.  Is this really where we are heading?

Till next time…

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