Review of 57 Photography Blogs

Over a month ago, I asked the FriendFeed community to share their favorite photography blogs.  There were over 95 responses and I went through each and every link provided.  Of those responses, there were some overlaps as well as some that I was already following.  These blogs covered a variety of different topics from daily photo sharing to being in the business of photography.  In the end, I added 57 of these blogs to Google Reader and started to take note of which ones I liked.

Here is a list of what I thought were the top 10 of the bunch (in no particular order):

A Photo Editor by Rob Haggart
Rob does a great job at touching on topics all over the scale.  Suggested reading: SEO Is Not Just For Wedding Photographers Anymore

Ask the Photographer by a crew of professional photographers
A great place to get tips on gear, how-to, and pretty much anything you might be looking for.  Suggested reading: DIY portrait lighting on the cheap!

Digital Photography School
Providing a plethora of tips and tutorials on anything you would want to learn how to do.  Suggested Reading: How to Be a Curious Photographer

DIY Photography by Udi Tirosh and others
As it’s name suggests, this blog is all about do it yourself (DIY) photography lighting.  Suggested reading: Black & White Cheatsheet For Photoshop

Epic Edits Weblog by Brian Auer
Brian is a film enthusiast and is all over the photography chart with providing tips, links and photos.  If you want to get on his good side, just say you shoot with a Sony dSLR.  Suggested reading: Take on a Long-Term Project

Microstock Diaries by Lee Torrens
Lee touches on everything you would every want to know about the microstock market including his monthly earnings.  Suggested reading: Microstock Isn’t for Everybody

Stuck in Customs by Trey Ratcliff
Trey shares a daily dose of his photography (mostly processed in HDR), each with a short description, as well as some tips here and there.  Suggested reading: HDR Tutorial – New and Improved for 2008!

Photo Attorney by Carolyn E. Wright
As you may have guessed, Carolyn focuses on the legal side of photography.  She provides tips on how to copyright, links to other sources, as well as news on the latest photography “crimes.”  Suggested reading: The Importance of Conditions In Your Free License

Photografr by Chris Nixon, Dave Cohen, and Raoul Pop
These guys focus on sharing great photographs from around Flickr.  Suggested Reading: How to Build The Ultimate Photo Sharing Website

Your Photo Tips by Damien Franco
Damien provides tips that every photographer can use or remember to focus on as well as points his readers to new photography blogs on a weekly basis.  Suggested reading: Get In Close For Better Pictures

I tried to leave out the obviously bigger blogs that most people already know about like: TWIP, Thomas Hawk, Strobist, Carlos Miller, Ryan Brenizer, etc.

I hope this list provides you with some new material to chew on.  I will continue to review those blogs suggested in the original FriendFeed thread as well as others and plan on releasing another list (hopefully in the near future).  If you would like to place a blog on my radar, please let me know and why in the comments.

Till next time…

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