Mary – BW$P

Mary by Justin Korn

I recently started the Black and White Dollar Portrait (BW$P) Project. The gist is, I will offer anyone who asks me for money $1 in exchange for their portrait. Every portrait I take will be converted and processed in black and white. This project is a spin off of Thomas Hawk’s $2 Portrait Project.

Meet Mary.

As I approached my bus stop this morning, Mary was standing there and kindly asked for some change so she could get on the bus.  She quickly agreed to having her portrait taken after I explained my project.  She even went as far as asking me if I wanted the sun in her face or not.  While we waited for the bus, I asked her name and told her mine.  As I told her my name was Justin, she jumped and replied, “I have a son named Justin!”  I was a bit surprised myself.  I found out he currently lives in Compton.  Mary has be in San Francisco for 3 years.  Before she was in San Francisco, she lived in Las Vegas for 8 years working as a maid at the Hilton.  As her bus approached, I asked were she was heading and she told me, “Going to visit my social worker.”  I wished her a good day as she took the dollar I just gave her to pay for her bus ride.

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