The Blogosphere is Mini-Hollywood…NOT!

I’ve seen a couple post recently on Louis Gray’s blog referring to the blogosphere as mini-Hollywood (both written by contributing authors) or, as in the most recent post, “Valleywood.”

Now seriously, does anyone really care? Is anyone paying attention? I’m going to have to say no, except for those inside the blogosphere. The majority of the people I interact with (family, friends, etc.) don’t read blogs, don’t pay attention to the blogosphere, and could not care less about what we are all talking about in this crazy world we refer to as the blogosphere. If I even mentioned the comparison, my closest friends would roll there eyes and think I’m crazy.

So what’s the point? Why are we labeling ourselves and striving to be something we are not. Do we really wish to be part of something bigger? Are we that desperate as a group?

Let’s back up…why do you participate in this so called blogosphere? Are you seeking attention? Are you building a business or a business’s brand? Me personally, I enjoy interacting with like minded people, I enjoy putting my ideas out there and seeing what interest it draws, and lastly, I’m trying to expose my name to those that might be interested in my photography and photography services.

I haven’t been part of the blogosphere for very long, so maybe I’m missing something, but when I was in High School, I avoided the “popular” groups and stuck with the people that kept it real. I really hope the blogosphere knows how to keep it real and is not, as a collective whole, trying to be popular.

Till next time…

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