From Nothing to Something – 2008 In Review

Compact Calendar Card - Design 3 by Joe Lanman on FlickrWhat a year it has been!  Who knew I would join Flickr, FriendFeed, Twitter, start using Google Reader and start a blog all within the last 5 months.  I never thought I’d join Twitter, EVER, let alone start a blog, yet through these new tools, I have physically and virtually met some new amazing people.

It all started with a little curiosity.  I started a new job in August 2007 where one of my coworkers, Ross, was into photography as much as I was.  We started going on photowalks every Monday evenings in March 2008.  Ross easily convinced me to get a “PRO” account on Flickr.  We then began to look around for new places to photograph and I stumbled upon Thomas Hawk’s Top 10 Places for Photography in San Francisco. With that, I started reading Thomas Hawk’s blog regularly and when he mentioned that FriendFeed integrated Flickr favorites into their services, I was all over it.  I got involved and interacted with more and more people on FriendFeed.  My productivity in May sank dramatically.  In early July, a conversation on FriendFeed with Phil Glockner of [scribkin] pushed me to start a blog.  To be honest, I can’t thank him enough.

Since July, this blog has been through quite a bit…

Miraculously, after less then a month, Louis Gray picked me as one of his Five Cool Bloggers for the Month of August.  I certainly was not ready for this mention, but could not thank Louis enough for the exposure it provided.

In September, I Love Photoblogs wrote up a short feature on me and near the end of September, Robert Scoble and Michael Fruchter included me on their list of people to follow.

Finally, at the beginning of the month in December, Your Photo Tips listed this blog as one of the 100 +1 Best Photography Blogs of 2008.

I’m not 100% sure I caught everything, but I truly do appreciate those that have shown support of my blog and my photography.  I’m working hard at keeping Korn on the Blog an informative and inspirational place to visit and read and hope to continue to grow and spread the love into 2009.

Have a happy and safe New Year!

Till next time…

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