The 92 Olympics followed by a Kilimanjaro

December 20 – Barcelona Day Three

This morning, Jeff and I wanted to get some laundry done. I preferred having a it done by a service so we wouldn’t have to sit around waiting for it, but the hotel’s prices were ridiculous and we couldn’t find another place near by. With that, we ended up doing it ourselves at a laundry mat. On our search, we bumped into a protest walking down the street. The entire street was blocked off and the police were monitoring the activity and guiding the way to ensure traffic was cleared ahead of the protest.

Anelia Olimpica - Barcelona by Justin KornWe finally finished around 1:30pm and decided to head over to the Olympic Stadium, Estadi Olimpica de Montjuic, used for the Summer Olympics of 1992 and still continuously used for futbol (soccer) and by a local American football team, as well as for concerts and such. To get there, we thought we’d use the widely available bikes to get over the the stadium. After checking it out, apparently you have to buy a card with access, like renting a bike…so that didn’t quite work out for us. We decided to use the Metro for the trip over. When we emerged from the metro, we found ourselves in the middle of Espanya Plaza. When we set out to visit the Olympic Stadium, we didn’t realize how much other stuff there was to see in the same general area. We walked past Palau Nacional de Montjuic, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), and several other buildings and monuments within Anelia Olimpica (the general Olympic Park area).

Kilimanjaro by Justin KornAfter walking around a bit, we decided to head back toward the hotel for some food. We ended up at a place called Kilimanjaro. The food was good, but what was special about this place was their deserts. I ordered the Kilimanjaro for desert which is a Belgian waffle covered in chocolate syrup with a scoop of fantastic chocolate ice cream on top. It was absolutely mouth watering and everything a desert should be and then some.

From there, Jeff went off shopping and I decided to hang low, catch up on some journal entries and pay a visit to the internet cafe. After a few much need hours of down time and relaxing, Jeff and I headed back out for dinner at 10pm. We finally settled on a place in the El Born area (I have the name, but need to update with it later). I’m not sure what the exact cuisine was, but I think it was my favorite meal yet. Jeff and I shared some chicken wings soaked in a sweet and sour sauce that was very tasty. I ordered the spicy chicken enchilada which was not the typical Mexican enchilada you’d expect. It was served as three triangular pieces of dough stuffed with chicken, vegetables, cheese and spices. It was very good and was well enjoyed with a side of two beers.

After dinner, it was time to call it a night. We headed back to the hotel to pack and prepare for our trips in the morning. Jeff is off to Israel and I am off to Italy.

Till next time…

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