I Was Told, This is the Way

I Was Told, This is the Way by Justin Korn

Description: For today’s picture share, I decided to choose a random page from my Flickr photostream and post one of the pictures from that page.  I’ll probably do this again from time to time.  It really helped me find a deserving photograph that I had missed previously.

This particular photograph was taken while waiting for a taxi to get home after an evening photowalk.  The lighting on the street was nice and the street signs seemed to draw me in.  After playing with the processing for a bit, I decided to go with black and white.

Location: Financial District, San Francisco
Date Taken: February 18, 2009
Camera: Canon 5D
Exposure: 1/30 second
Aperture: f/3.5
Focal Length: 28mm
ISO: 3200

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