Brady – BW$P

Brady by Justiin Korn

Meet Brady.

As I headed from work to the Metreon to catch AVATAR, Brady was sitting on the sidewalk along 4th Ave. kindly asking for change.  I approached him and explained my BW$P project.  Brady agreed without hesitation and not once asked for more.  I asked him what his name was and how he was doing this evening as I prepared my camera settings.  In a very calm, almost shy voice, he responded, “Brady, thanks.  I’m doing alright.”  As I checked my surroundings, I realized the light was not very good and could  not move Brady into better lighting since he was sitting on the ground.  I captured a few images, but since I was already running late and wanted to be sure to talk with Brady a bit, I stopped fiddling with capturing a perfect picture.

I asked Brady how long he has been in San Francisco and if he had any family around.  Again, very gently, he told me, “Been in San Francisco 46 years and I’ve got some family in Oakland.”  Brady’s quiet voice was hard to hear, but I believe I heard him mentioning that his brother and sister have passed away, but his mother now lives in Oakland.  He further explained how he was waiting to get surgery done on his leg so he could try and get work again.  I really wished I was not in a rush and had more time to ask further questions as Brady seemed like a very kind man with a story to tell.  Unfortunately, I had to leave it at that.  As I handed Brady his promised dollar, I wished him luck with his surgery and job hunt.

This image is part of my Black and White Dollar Portrait (BW$P) Project.

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