Feelin Groovy

Feelin Groovy by Justin Korn

Description:  “Hello lamp-post, whatcha knowin?  I’ve come to watch your flowers growin’.  Ain’tcha got no rhymes for me?  Doot-in’ doo-doo…”

This photo was taken a few years ago shortly after I decided to pick photography backup more aggressively.  I remember waiting in this exact spot for a good 30 – 40 minutes for 1) the lamp-post to turn on and 2) the sun to hit the perfect spot in order to silhouette  the entire backdrop and capture the colors of the sky.  The entire time, the Simon and Garfunkel song, Feelin Groovy was running through my head.

Location: San Francisco, California
Date Taken: April 28, 2008
Camera: Canon 20D
Exposure: 1/10 second
Aperture: f/32
Focal Length: 59 mm
ISO: 100

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