David – BW$P

David by Justin Korn

Meet David.

Along with all of the other performers along Jefferson St. at the Fisherman’s Wharf, David sat. He was not harassing anyone for change, nor even actually physically asking, just getting ready to light a cigarette and holding his “Need $$$ 4-Weed” sign.

I approached him and explained the project I was working on and he gladly agreed to pose for a picture. David has been in San Francisco for 4 months now. I asked him where had come from and why he came to San Francisco. He told me that he came up from a small city just outside of Bakersfield and was here trying to make some money since he got disabled. I inquired further about his work and what happened. He went on telling me that he worked heavy machinery at an oil rig. He blacked out on the job and is now fighting for disability claims.

We chatted briefly for a few more seconds before I had to keep walking on. I wished him good luck and was on my way.

This image is part of my Black and White Dollar Portrait (BW$P) Project.

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