Photography to Development – 2010 in Review

It’s that time of the year again…the end…when we all take a look back at what we’ve accomplished and done throughout the year and what we want to take-on in the year to come.

For me, 2010 started off a strong photography year. I signed a year contract with Yerba Buena Center for Arts (YBCA) to cover their opening events through the year. I made a connection with the Institute on Aging (IOA) as well, and covered a few shoots for them. On a personal level, I started a new photography project, The Dying Breed.

Around the middle of the year, I slowed down with photography and keeping up with this blog, mostly due to a higher demand at work, traveling for several weddings, as well as purchasing a new condo. From there on, I was a bit sporadic with blog updates and have been bringing my camera with me everywhere I go a bit less.

As the final quarter of 2010 came around, I found myself concentrating more and more on beefing up my development skills, particularly with WordPress and PHP. At work, we were relaunching our website on WordPress and I found myself with a desire to learn more and wanting to help others utilize the power of WordPress. Along with the launch of my company’s website, I also launched and on my own time. And that leads me into my next adventure…I do not plan on dropping photography at all, however, I do expect 2011 to be more concentrated on development work. Within the first month of 2011, keep an eye on, my first big solo project.

It has certainty been a great year and I’m looking forward to 2011.

Happy New Year!

Till next time…

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