Brand Management with Google Alerts

After reading Louis Gray’s post this evening on brand reputation managment, it made me wonder for the billionth time, why are Google Alerts so elementary?  For a company that specializes in search, I’d expect, at the very least, the following options be made available:

  1. Exclude domains from your alerts. is one of the domains I’d really like to remove from my alerts.  My own domain ( is another.  With the little amount my name and domain are actually being mentioned out in internet land, I’m getting way too many emails.  For someone that follows a big brand name, I’m sure there are certain domains they could exclude from their alerts as well.
  2. In extension to the above, only include certain domains for alerts.  Perhaps I only want to be notified as-it-happens for instances on, but daily or weekly for instances elsewhere.
  3. Exclude alerts with other given terms or phrases.  This isn’t one that I would use personally (yet), but I don’t see why it is not an option.  If my name is mentioned in a post or article with, say the phrase “Wisconsin” perhaps I don’t want that alert because there is another person in Wisconsin with the same name.

These are just three very simple options that could, and should, be implemented into Google alerts.  What other options would you like to see Google Alerts implement?  Is there another service out there that provides more robust options?

Till next time…

[UPDATE]: Thanks to Rahsheen, I dug a little deeper.

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