JPG Magazine – Issue 27

I am at it again with JPG magazine, but, this time I’ve entered two different themes for twice the fun! So, if you think my photograph deserves a vote (or you just feel like spreading the online karma), click on over with the links below and give me a ‘YEAH! Rad!’ vote. JPG Theme – […]

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JPG Magazine – Issue 26 – Juxtaposition

I’ve submitted the photograph at the left to JPG Magazine under the theme Juxtaposition.  No obligation, but your vote would be awesome! If you have a second, please take a moment, click on the below link, the image at the left, or right HERE and vote me up. Thanks so much! Vote Here: The […]

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Portrait Contest (Join in and give me a vote)

I am a little late to the game on this one, but Digital Photography School is putting on a contest this month encouraging DPS members to submit their best portrait image.  Entries are being accepted until October 31 through PhoTrade and I encourage you to join in the fun and competition.  There are several prizes […]

JPG Magazine – Issue 19 – Faith

Thomas Hawk, once again, has inspired me.  This time to submit the below photograph of mine to the upcoming issue of JPG Magazine under the theme Faith. (I apologize for the duplication of last weeks post) If you feel my photograph fits the theme, please take the time to give me your vote!  Anyone is […]

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