2:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 2/52 – Neighborhood: North Beach – Title: Caffe Triste I did not get much time out with the camera this week. To be accurate, I only got out one evening and even then, I was only out for about an hour, so I tried to make the most of it. You can follow everyone’s […]

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Danny – BW$P

Meet Danny. While out shooting in North Beach for My Surrounding Neighborhoods project, I came across a very kind man playing the harmonica (didn’t catch his name) asking for change at the corner of Columbus and Green.  As I walked by, we made eye contact and he stopped playing in order to chat with me.  […]

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Robot Lovers

Description: While I was out taking photos for my Surrounding Neighborhoods project in North Beach, I walked a common route along Columbus St. and passed Z. Cioccolato.  What I really enjoy about this store, and haven’t spent time capturing it with my camera before, is that they change their window display regularly.  This particular evening, […]

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1:52 – My Surrounding Neighborhoods

Week: 1/52 – Neighborhood: North Beach – Title: Another Night, Another Meal I met up with Ricky Montalvo to kick off my 2009 52 Week Project: My Surrounding Neighborhoods.  We walked up and down Columbus and all around the Broadway/Columbus area.  It was a great first outing and I’m really looking forward to the next […]

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Another David – BW$P

Meet David. I met up with Rick to kick off my 52 Week Project for 2009: My Surrounding Neighborhoods in North Beach. While Rick and I were getting acquainted, David approached us asking for change.  I explained to him about my dollar portrait project and he was happy to pose, with the a dollar in […]

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A Fragment of Your Imagination

Description: While walking down Broadway, on my way from Embarcadero to Columbus St, this Banana Republic advertisement, back dropped by the Transamerica Building, caught my attention.  Luckily I still had some twilight color left in the sky to provide the deep contrast between the white advertisement and the background.  Like most photographers, shooting during the […]

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All Aboard

Description: I had a little fun processing this photo and I am very pleased with the outcome.  I was experimenting with a process I’m calling “Lightroom HDR.”  It’s not technically HDR (High Dynamic Range), but it tends to have that appearance.  This photo was captured during the same outing as Night Train to Nowhere at […]

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Camera Dreamin

Description:  During this outing, my battery ran dry and my backup failed.  I turned to my photo partner and he let me borrow his Digital Rebel XTi for the remains of the evening.  We continued to shoot in the lights reflecting off the Cliff House.  It was pretty dark and hard to see the entire […]

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Walking the Baker Beach [Photo]

Description: This photo was taken while waiting for the sun to set at Baker Beach.  While sitting around, I looked up and saw those birds in the upper right of the picture approaching.  I quickly got my camera out and started taking a few pictures hoping to capture them as they flew over the scene. […]

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Amaro – Cooley Wedding

Date: 10/18/2008 Location: San Francisco Ceremony: St. Mary’s of Assumption Cathedral Reception: The Lodge I was recently asked to attend this wedding as an observing photographer.  The wedding planner is a good friend of mine and also wanted me to take a few marketing pictures for her. There were about 150 guest (very rough number) […]

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Ron – BW$P

Meet Ron. After lunch, I was in a bit of a rush to get back to the office for a meeting, but I came across Ron asking for change in front of Taco Bell at the corner of California and Drumm.  I explained my project to him and he asked if I would give him […]

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Going Up [Photo]

Description: This shot was a bit hard to capture as there were constantly people going up and down the escalator here.  I specifically wanted one person in the image and did not have all day to stick around.  I was hoping to capture a little more blur in the passerby, but I did not have […]

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