The Life of a Photo – From ‘Snap’ to Upload

I’ve sat on this post for a few months now, and I think it’s ready to come out and play… After Dandy Day made it over to FriendFeed, a conversation stirred around how I processed that particular image.  After looking at the dramatic processing this particular photo went through (not all my photos go through […]

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Prints for Sale (Coming Soon)

I’ve been a bit busy lately planning and figuring out how I am going to offer prints to those that are interested in buying them.  I am enjoying the pictures on my walls, so why shouldn’t I allow my fans to enjoy them as well, right? After reading and rereading Brian Auer’s Series on Making […]

Turn to Clear

Description:   I actually pulled this one up through a random page in my Flickr stream and was surprised to see I had not posted it on this blog yet.  A year after I’ve taken this shot and I think it is one of my favorites.  Funny enough, it apparently did not make my Top 10 […]

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Becky and Chris’s Wedding

A bit late getting this post up, but better late than never, right? Over the weekend of May 30th, I captured my first solo wedding assignment in Davis, California.  Following Becky and Chris’s Engagement session, it was obvious that Chris and Becky had a great connection, and that connection continued to shine through their wedding.  […]

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The Creation of Adam II

Description:  Taken looking straight up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel during my latest travels to Italy, I decided to process this photo in black and white to accent the contrast presented in the painting.  This crop and final photo really presents a different feel and emotion than the one I processed in color […]

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An Attempt At Photographing Fireworks

Description:  I have made settle attempts to photograph fireworks in the past.  However, this year, over 4th of July weekend, I decided it was time to give it a real go to see what I could accomplish.  I headed up to the North shore of Lake Tahoe for the weekend and planned to catch the […]

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Castro Muni Stop

Description: Another photograph from a random page in my Flickr photostream.  This one was taken while exploring the Castro neighborhood almost a year ago.  The two yellow Muni cable cars lined up perfectly for me as I was capturing other photographs from the Muni platform. Location: Castro, San Francisco Date Taken: July 21, 2008 Camera: […]

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Dorothy – BW$P

Meet Dorothy. As I headed to the bus stop from work today, I bumped into Dorothy on the corner of Pine and Montgomery asking for change.  I approached her and explained my BW$P Project.  She didn’t agree right away, but rather stated, “I’ve been sitting on this corner since 6am this morning and all I’ve […]

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Forever True

Description: Another photograph from a random page in my Flickr photostream.  I don’t really have much to say about this particular image, so I’ll leave it to the viewers to come up with their own filler. Location: French Quarter/Financial District, San Francisco Date Taken: January 13, 2009 Camera: Canon 20D Exposure: 1/6 second Aperture: f/2.8 […]

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I Was Told, This is the Way

Description: For today’s picture share, I decided to choose a random page from my Flickr photostream and post one of the pictures from that page.  I’ll probably do this again from time to time.  It really helped me find a deserving photograph that I had missed previously. This particular photograph was taken while waiting for […]

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Got What It Takes

Description: Okay, I’ll admit it, I love black and white photography.  For every photograph I process in color, I almost always check to see what it would look like processed as black and white.  In a previous post, I argued that the true beauty of the subject does not come out in a color photograph, […]

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Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis 2009

As advertised on the San Francisco BART system over the past few weeks, the Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis walk was this past weekend.  For the 3rd year in a row, I donated my photography services to the cause and as usual had a great time doing it.  For the second year, the event […]

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