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Life is Simple

Description: I’ve had some time recently to go through some older pictures that were processed pre-LightRoom.  This particular image was taken in Hawaii (where else).  I was on a mission to capture the typical Hawaiian sunset and felt this one came pretty close.  This photograph is one of a few taken during this trip, including […]

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Instant Updates On Any Topic From Around The Web

FriendFeed has become more and more integrated into my life lately.  Not because they launched real-time, updated their UI, or even because they improved their search capabilities (though this is part of it).  It’s because FriendFeed has given me the ability to track any topic I want, on anything, from anywhere and be notified about […]

Stuck in the Middle

Description:  During my last processing session, I revisited my walk over the Brooklyn Bridge from my recent trip to New York.  This one is one of my favorites of the bunch.  When I saw this image screaming at me, I could not believe I had never seen a photograph of it before.  I’m not sure […]

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Amongst the Jellies

Description:  Last weekend I had the opportunity to make a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I’ve been to the aquarium a few times in my past and my favorite exhibit has always been the Jellyfish.  Between the mystical and interesting form of these creates and the the colors and contrast presented by the jellyfish […]

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Advertisement on BART

For the past few years, I have donated my time to take pictures at the TAKE STEPS walk put on by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA).  Every year, it is a good time for a very good cause. Well, if you are in the Bay Area and find yourself riding BART, keep […]

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7th Avenue Station

Description:  This photograph was created during my recent trip to New York.  I pretty much had my camera on me the entire time and took of anything that struck my fancy.  For this particular image, I was so used to seeing people everywhere, it was a change to see no one sitting on this bench.  […]

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Becky & Chris

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Becky & Chris to shoot their engagement session.  We made a first stop at Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden  in Golden Gate Park.  This is probably my favorite location for an engagement session when the weather is right, and it was perfect for us when […]

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Pete – BW$P

Meet Pete. As I walked home from the Papyrus Store, I came across Pete sitting in a wheelchair asking very quietly for change.  He asked so quietly, I wasn’t even sure he was asking for change and had to ask him what he said.  He repeated, “Got any change?”  I told him about my project […]

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Nickey – BW$P

Meet Nickey. As I was walking back to my office from running a few errands, I met Nickey sitting outside of Walgreens asking for change. As soon as I approached him, even before I said a word, he was saying, “Thank you.” Nickey was extremely enthusiastic and full of spirit as a talked with him. […]

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On Display at Papyrus

Disclaimer: I do not represent or have any affiliation with Papyrus. The below post is my own thoughts and ideas on the upcoming event.  If you represent Papyrus and have any issues/questions/comments about this post, feel free to get in touch. This weekend, Papyrus is putting on a bridal show at select locations around the […]

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Marlon Turns One

I had a busy weekend last weekend and this weekend isn’t letting up either. On top of checking out the Rockit Room this past weekend, I made my way down to Ben Lomand for a special 1st birthday.  Marlon is the only kid I know who has had a blog since the day he was […]

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User Registration Disabled

For awhile, I’ve had user registration enabled for this blog.  I don’t exactly remember my reasoning behind it, but I’ve decided to disable it going forward.  All of the registered accounts looked to have been fake/spam accounts, so I have deleted them all as well.  If you by chance had a legitimate account and want […]

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