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Photrade is Hanging in There

I’m a little late on this, but since I wrote about Photrade a few weeks ago, I thought I would follow up. Back on October 23, Photrade experienced some “growing pains” at which time they had a database go down on them.  They were able to get the site back up and running relatively quickly, […]

Align those Horizons

I originally posted this tip on another blog I started awhile ago and decided to re-post it here.  I believe, this will be the first photo tip and/or trick I share here and hopefully far from the last. This post will discuss aligning your horizons in your photographs. Beginner photographers miss this one the most, […]

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Camera Dreamin

Description:  During this outing, my battery ran dry and my backup failed.  I turned to my photo partner and he let me borrow his Digital Rebel XTi for the remains of the evening.  We continued to shoot in the lights reflecting off the Cliff House.  It was pretty dark and hard to see the entire […]

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The New Justin Korn [dot] com

If you are a Google Reader junkie (or any other RSS junkie), you should take a second to visit the site.  I’ve revamped it, added a few pages and features, and overall I’m hoping I made a better experience for you, my subscribers and readers. Here is a run down of the things that have […]

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Only 45 Years Ago

Photo by: Jonathon Colman I’ll be honest, I hate politics and rarely do I talk about anything remotely close to politics.  However, the events that transpired over the past 24 hours can not be overlooked… Last night, the United States of America did not just elect a new President, we entered a new era.  We […]

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Changes on the Way

Loyal readers and subscribers, I am currently working on redesigning my website, including this blog.  The intention behind the redesign is to integrate my photography services more fluidly.  I will also be providing separate RSS subscription options to make it easier to subscribe to the various main topics on my blog.  I’ve been working […]

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FriendFeed Pushes to Twitter – How Noisey Will You Be?

FriendFeed announced today that you can now share your FriendFeed activity on Twitter.  If you use Twitter and follow anyone that is also on FrienFeed, you are going to see a whole lot more noise coming your way.  If you are on FrienFeed and thinking about utilizing this feature, please, for everyone else’s sanity, please […]

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Walking the Baker Beach [Photo]

Description: This photo was taken while waiting for the sun to set at Baker Beach.  While sitting around, I looked up and saw those birds in the upper right of the picture approaching.  I quickly got my camera out and started taking a few pictures hoping to capture them as they flew over the scene. […]

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Amaro – Cooley Wedding

Date: 10/18/2008 Location: San Francisco Ceremony: St. Mary’s of Assumption Cathedral Reception: The Lodge I was recently asked to attend this wedding as an observing photographer.  The wedding planner is a good friend of mine and also wanted me to take a few marketing pictures for her. There were about 150 guest (very rough number) […]

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As I announced yesterday, I entered a photo contest being put on by DPS and hosted by Photrade.  Late last night, my mother tried to put in a vote for my image, but instead ended up on the Photrade home page.  She IMed me asking how she could vote for my image.  I was a […]

Portrait Contest (Join in and give me a vote)

I am a little late to the game on this one, but Digital Photography School is putting on a contest this month encouraging DPS members to submit their best portrait image.  Entries are being accepted until October 31 through PhoTrade and I encourage you to join in the fun and competition.  There are several prizes […]

Ron – BW$P

Meet Ron. After lunch, I was in a bit of a rush to get back to the office for a meeting, but I came across Ron asking for change in front of Taco Bell at the corner of California and Drumm.  I explained my project to him and he asked if I would give him […]

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