The Blogosphere is Mini-Hollywood…NOT!

I’ve seen a couple post recently on Louis Gray’s blog referring to the blogosphere as mini-Hollywood (both written by contributing authors) or, as in the most recent post, “Valleywood.” Now seriously, does anyone really care? Is anyone paying attention? I’m going to have to say no, except for those inside the blogosphere. The majority of […]

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Is Selling Content the Future of the Blogosphere?

I just read a post Chris Brogan wrote titled “Selling Blog Content the Clean Way” in response to the way GigaOm Briefings is being run.  At the end of the article, Chris states, “How hard is it to make a post, and then make a LOT MORE for someone to buy and continue the experience? […]

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Social Network Overload!

I know I’m not the only one feeling the pain of social network overload.  In the past month I have signed up with over 5 different social networks.  If you don’t posses the Louis Gray Super Kickass Social Network Following Power, you are probably wondering when the craziness will stop, slow down, or at the […]

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If you are on FriendFeed, there is a good chance you read about today. Daniel Smith wrote a post over at Smithereens about a new Social Agregation Networking service that promises to be “The Answer To Your Aggregation Frustration.” Within an hour (or so) of Mike Fruchter posting his thread to hype people about […]

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Picking your Subscriptions, aka “Friends,” Wisely on FriendFeed

If you are on any social network, you have at one time or another asked yourself (and probably still constantly ask yourself) Who do I follow? If someone follows me, do I auto follow them back? What is the proper etiquette? With A LOT of clatter going on within FriendFeed right now on how much […]

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The Online Participation Factor

Last week I posted my results of a 24 hour experiment I did on FriendFeed. The point was to try and get an idea of those following me on FriendFeed, who was participating. When I posted the results (even while doing the test) I wasn’t sure what I would learn or gain from it. There […]

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The FriendFeed Community at Work

I am absolutely blown away right now by the FriendFeed community! I started this blog on July 11, 2 weeks ago today, because J. Phil from [scribkin] encouraged me to do so when I suggested my use of FriendFeed as an RSS Reader/Organizer on FriendFeed. Well, since I set up the blog, I had been […]

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“If it’s longer than 12 seconds, it’s boring!” – Announces Public Alpha

Disclaimer: I am good friends with some of the people behind It is official, “anything longer than 12 seconds is boring!” 12seconds.TV announces their public alpha (You can view the official announcement on their blog HERE). “Our patent pending Electro-Tear-Duct Prongers have determined that exactly 12 seconds of video is the ideal amount of […]

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FriendFeed Followers – Lurking or Particpating?

I recently posted about how much I love FriendFeed and Louis Gray returned a comment wondering, of my 100 followers (now up to 118), “how many actually like or comment on your items in a 24 hour period, and how many are lurking or inactive.” So, I set out to figure out exactly how many […]

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Another “I love FriendFeed” Post

There have been plenty of post these days ranting and raving about FriendFeed. Well, I wanted to share my personal views on FriendFeed and why it is so awesome as a none “A-Lister.” Why is FriendFeed so amazing? First off, I am not going to compare FriendFeed with Twitter. There is no comparison. They are […]

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FriendFeed as an RSS Reader/Organizer

A thread posted by David Silvernail on FriendFeed encouraged me to chime in and let everyone know that my current favorite RSS reader is FriendFeed. Why? If you have ever used AllTop to get your news, you know it is a great one stop shop to see what is happening around the web on any […]